ECS 210 Blog Curriculum in Numeracy

Let me begin this blog by stating I hate math – always have! I do not think I will ever like it and I was one of those students who struggled continually throughout my education. As a future educator I worry about having to teach math to my students and “messing them” up for lifeContinue reading “ECS 210 Blog Curriculum in Numeracy”

ECS 210 Blog Week Five: Citizenship

Aristotle believed that to live in the good life, for one to fulfill their “telos” (what something was created to do) then the city in which they lived had to provide a city that would allow them to fulfill their telos. Aristotle wrote: “a city is excellent, at any rate, by its citizens’ – thoseContinue reading “ECS 210 Blog Week Five: Citizenship”

ECS 210 Teaching Indigenous Curriculum

My first response to my co-op teacher, and hopefully a calm response because I would find this type of ignorance or comment offensive, would be that it is exactly for that reason that we as educators should be teaching Treaty education is because there are no Indigenous students in the classroom. The absence of IndigenousContinue reading “ECS 210 Teaching Indigenous Curriculum”

Blog #3, Week 3, Policy in Curriculum: ECS 210, July 28, 2020

According to the Levin article, how are school curricula developed and implemented? Through Policy: and most policy decisions in education including curriculum decisions, are made with little or not public attention. Curriculum is developed by governments or other sanctioned authorities for standard use in schools across a state, province, or country. Policies govern just aboutContinue reading “Blog #3, Week 3, Policy in Curriculum: ECS 210, July 28, 2020”

Blog Post #2 What is a “good” student? July 21, 2020

A “good student” according to common sense is a student that fulfills the expectation of the assumption of what a good student should be: a student who behaves and thinks in a certain way. The education the student is well received and learning was symbolized by the completion of particular assignments and repeating on examsContinue reading “Blog Post #2 What is a “good” student? July 21, 2020″

ECS 210 Blog Post for Week One, July 14,

Tracy Hnybida: Blog Response Week One, July 14, 2020 How does Kumashiro define ‘commonsense?’ Why is it so important to pay attention to the ‘commonsense’?  What type(s) of curriculum model did Kumashiro encounter in Nepal? What type(s) of curriculum model is the “commonsense” model in our Canadian school system? What might be the benefits andContinue reading “ECS 210 Blog Post for Week One, July 14,”

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